Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Refining how we drive


Nissan is committed to making transportation safer, smarter, and more enjoyable. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the roadmap, providing a vision for the future of motoring.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility encompasses three core areas of innovation: how our vehicles are powered (Nissan Intelligent Power), how they are driven (Nissan Intelligent Driving), and how they are integrated into society (Nissan Intelligent Integration).

These developments aren’t in the distant future—they are taking shape in the Nissan vehicle you drive today.

Nissan Intelligent Driving

Today’s Nissan vehicles offer available technologies that help look out for you, and some of them can even take action and help you avoid trouble. Intelligent Around-View® Monitor, using four cameras to give you a virtual 360˚ bird’s-eye view of your vehicle, is a great example of advanced technology on a wide variety of Nissan vehicles today.

Stage one of Nissan’s Intelligent Driving approach is ProPILOT. Already in action on the road in Japan, the Nissan Serena is able to drive autonomously and safely in a single lane on highways, providing consumers with a more confident drive, enhanced control and greater freedom.

Intelligent Around-View Monitor*

The Intelligent Around-View® Monitor uses four cameras to give you a virtual composite 360 bird’s-eye view of your vehicle, with selectable split-screen close ups of the front, rear, and kerbside views, so you can get a better look. Moving Object Detection can detect moving objects near the vehicle, and can give you a visual and audible alert.

Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention*

If another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area, an indicator appears in the driver’s or front passenger’s door pillar. Then, if you put your turn signal on, the indicator flashes with a warning chime.

Intelligent Distance Control*

This system keeps an eye on your speed and proximity to the vehicle ahead of you, warning you if you need to slow down. It can also apply braking if you fail to respond to help you avoid a collision.

Intelligent Lane Intervention*

When you start to drift from your lane, the Intelligent Lane Intervention system alerts you with a visual warning on the display and an audible signal. If Intelligent Lane Intervention detects that you are still straying from your lane, it will engage and gently help guide you back.

*Driver’s aid only and should not be used as substitutes for safe driving practices. Always monitor your surroundings when driving.

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